Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

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  1. Jonathan

    I’ll begin by admitting that I love all of the Mad Max movies, even the kiddie third one (Thunderdome). I figured they would have to start fresh since Gibson wasn’t in it, and in a way they did by placing the focus of the movie around Theron’s character. Hardy kind of takes a backseat or “shares” the lead with her. I wanted to see this regardless of my first impression because George Miller was back directing it.

    It blew my expectations away. This is a non-stop hell ride of a movie with all the action, adventure and explosions I could ask for. The story line is great as well as the pace of the movie. It leaves the door open for the next ones (of which they’ve said will be 2-3 additional movies..and I hope there is). I have a buddy who hates it because it strays away from the originals, but he’s missing out. Solid “A” from Brew Slayer.

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